Sep 22, 2012

Altered brain functional connectivity in patients with cirrhosis and minimal hepatic encephalopathy: a functional MR imaging study

Long-Jiang ZhangGuang-Ming Lu


To investigate patterns of whole-brain functional connectivity in patients with minimal hepatic encephalopathy (HE) by using functional magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. This study was approved by the local institutional review board and was HIPAA compliant. All participants provided written informed consent. Neuropsychiatric tests including number connection test type A and digit symbol test were used to define minimal HE. Twenty-three patients with minimal HE and 25 age- and sex-matched healthy volunteers were included in this study. Resting-state functional MR imaging was performed by using a 3-T MR imaging unit. Functional connectivities between 90 pairs of cortical and subcortical regions in patients with minimal HE were compared with those in control participants, and significantly different connectivities were chosen as connectivities of interest (COIs). Correlations between neuropsychiatric tests and correlation coefficients of COIs were calculated. Among the 51 COIs that were significantly different in patients with minimal HE from those in control participants, 44 connectivities were weaker in patients with minimal HE. All 22 COIs related to subcortical regions of interest (bilateral putamen, pallidum, and thalamus) we...Continue Reading

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