Altered hippocampal interneuron activity precedes ictal onset

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Mitra L MiriJessica A Cardin


Although failure of GABAergic inhibition is a commonly hypothesized mechanism underlying seizure disorders, the series of events that precipitate a rapid shift from healthy to ictal activity remain unclear. Furthermore, the diversity of inhibitory interneuron populations poses a challenge for understanding local circuit interactions during seizure initiation. Using a combined optogenetic and electrophysiological approach, we examined the activity of two identified hippocampal interneuron classes during seizure induction in vivo. We identified cell type-specific differences in preictal firing patterns and input sensitivity of parvalbumin- and somatostatin-expressing interneurons. Surprisingly, the impact of both sources of inhibition remained intact throughout the preictal period and into the early ictal phase. Our findings suggest that the onset of ictal activity is not due to a failure of inhibition, but is instead associated with a decoupling of inhibitory cells from their normal relationship with the local hippocampal network.

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