Jun 5, 2018

Amplified parabrachial nucleus activity in a rat model of trigeminal neuropathic pain

Neurobiology of Pain
Olivia UddinAsaf Keller


The parabrachial (PB) complex mediates both ascending nociceptive signaling and descending pain modulatory information in the affective/emotional pain pathway. We hypothesized that PB hyperactivity influences chronic pain behavior after trigeminal nerve injury in rats. Following induction of neuropathic pain using the chronic constriction injury of the infraorbital nerve (CCI-ION) model, rats displayed spontaneous markers of pain and mechanical hyperalgesia extending beyond the receptive field of the injured nerve. PB neurons recorded from rats with CCI-ION displayed amplified activity, manifesting as significantly longer responses to sensory stimuli, compared to shams. These findings suggest that chronic neuropathic pain involves PB hyperactivity.

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