DOI: 10.1101/454926Oct 27, 2018Paper

An ancient role for Collier/Olf/Ebf (COE)-type transcription factors in axial motor neuron development

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Catarina CatelaPaschalis Kratsios


Background: Mammalian motor circuits display remarkable cellular diversity with hundreds of motor neuron (MN) subtypes innervating hundreds of different muscles. Extensive research on limb muscle-innervating MNs has begun to elucidate the genetic programs that control animal locomotion. In striking contrast, the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of axial muscle-innervating MNs, which control breathing and spinal alignment, are poorly studied. Methods: Our previous studies indicated that the function of the Collier/Olf/Ebf (COE) family of transcription factors (TFs) in axial MN development may be conserved from nematodes to simple chordates. Here, we examine the expression pattern of all four mouse COE family members (mEbf1-mEbf4) in spinal MNs and employ genetic approaches in both nematodes and mice to investigate their function in axial MN development. Results: We report that mEbf1 and mEbf2 are expressed in distinct MN clusters (termed columns) that innervate different axial muscles. Mouse Ebf1 is expressed in MNs of the hypaxial motor column (HMC), which is necessary for breathing, while mEbf2 is expressed in MNs of the medial motor column (MMC) that control spinal alignment. Our characterization of Ebf2 knock-...Continue Reading

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