An Autoantigen-ome from HS-Sultan B-Lymphoblasts Offers a Molecular Map for Investigating Autoimmune Sequelae of COVID-19.

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Julia Y WangMichael H. Roehrl


To understand how COVID-19 may induce autoimmune diseases, we have been compiling an atlas of COVID-autoantigens (autoAgs). Using dermatan sulfate (DS) affinity enrichment of autoantigenic proteins extracted from HS-Sultan lymphoblasts, we identified 362 DS-affinity proteins, of which at least 201 (56%) are confirmed autoAgs. Comparison with available multi-omic COVID data shows that 315 (87%) of the 362 proteins are affected in SARS-CoV-2 infection via altered expression, interaction with viral components, or modification by phosphorylation or ubiquitination, at least 186 (59%) of which are known autoAgs. These proteins are associated with gene expression, mRNA processing, mRNA splicing, translation, protein folding, vesicles, and chromosome organization. Numerous nuclear autoAgs were identified, including both classical ANAs and ENAs of systemic autoimmune diseases and unique autoAgs involved in the DNA replication fork, mitotic cell cycle, or telomerase maintenance. We also identified many uncommon autoAgs involved in nucleic acid and peptide biosynthesis and nucleocytoplasmic transport, such as aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. In addition, this study found autoAgs that potentially interact with multiple SARS-CoV-2 Nsp and Orf co...Continue Reading


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