Jan 1, 1989

An epitope on C4 beta light (L) chains detected by human anti-Rg; its relationship with beta chain polymorphism and MHC associations

T RobsonC M Giles


Two out of ten Rg-specific antisera tested contain a third antibody specific for the beta chain of C4. Analysis of the beta chains of 66 unrelated individuals by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis revealed that the epitope detected is located exclusively on the light (L) beta chain. A strong, but incomplete, association between the beta chain epitope and the expression of the Rg:2 determinant on the alpha chain of the same protein was also observed. While H (heavy) and L beta chains were not associated with a particular C4 isotype, previously unrecorded associations of beta chain polymorphism with the DR locus have been established.