An Evo-Devo Perspective on Multicellular Development of Myxobacteria

Journal of Experimental Zoology. Part B, Molecular and Developmental Evolution
Juan A Arias Del AngelMariana Benítez


The transition to multicellularity, recognized as one the major transitions in evolution, has occurred independently several times. While multicellular development has been extensively studied in zygotic organisms including plant and animal groups, just a few aggregative multicellular organisms have been employed as model organisms for the study of multicellularity. Studying different evolutionary origins and modes of multicellularity enables comparative analyses that can help identifying lineage-specific aspects of multicellular evolution and generic factors and mechanisms involved in the transition to multicellularity. Among aggregative multicellular organisms, myxobacteria are a valuable system to explore the particularities that aggregation confers to the evolution of multicellularity and mechanisms shared with clonal organisms. Moreover, myxobacteria species develop fruiting bodies displaying a range of morphological diversity. In this review, we aim to synthesize diverse lines of evidence regarding myxobacteria development and discuss them in the context of Evo-Devo concepts and approaches. First, we briefly describe the developmental processes in myxobacteria, present an updated comparative analysis of the genes involved...Continue Reading


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