PMID: 58942Jan 1, 1976

An improved quantitative plaque assay for lymphocytes bearing antigen-specific cell receptors

Journal of Immunological Methods
R KleinmanS Ben-Efraim


An improved method for the determination of the number of lymphoid cells bearing antigen-specific receptors is described. The method is based on the use of hapten-coupled bacteriophage (dinitrophenyl-T4) and detection of lytic plaques formed by the action of DNP-T4 on a target E. coli strain. The method is highly specific (up to 90% specific binding) and can be adapted for use with other antigenic determinants chemically attached to an active bacteriophage.

Related Concepts

Antigenic Specificity
Binding Sites, Antibody
Plasma Membrane
Hemolytic Plaque Technique
Lymphoid Cells
Mice, Inbred BALB C

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