DOI: 10.1101/495788Dec 14, 2018Paper

An integrated genome-wide multi-omics analysis of gene expression dynamics in the preimplantation mouse embryo

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Steffen IsraelLeila Taher


Early mouse embryos have an atypical translational machinery comprised of cytoplasmic lattices, poorly competent for translation. Thus, the impact of transcriptomic changes on the operational levels of proteins has likely been overestimated in the past. To find out, we used liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry to detect and quantify 6,550 proteins in the oocyte and in six developmental stages (from zygote to blastocyst) collected in triplicates, and we also performed mRNA sequencing. In contrast to the known split between the 2-cell and 4-cell stages at the transcript level, on the protein level the oocyte-to-embryo transition appeared to last until the morula stage. In general, protein abundance profiles were weakly correlated with those of their cognate mRNAs and we found little or no concordance between changes in protein and transcript expression relative to the oocyte at early stages. However, concordance increased towards morula and blastocyst, hinting at a more direct coupling of proteins with transcripts at these stages, in agreement with the increase in free ribosome abundance. Independent validation by immunofluorescence and qPCR confirmed the existence of genes featuring strongly positively and negatively c...Continue Reading

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