An integrated transcriptomics and proteomics study of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma – methodological and analytical considerations

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Anupama Rajan BhatRavi Sirdeshmukh


High throughput molecular profiling and integrated data analysis with tumor tissues require overcoming challenges like tumor heterogeneity and tissue paucity. This study is an attempt to understand and optimize various steps during tissue processing and in establishing pipelines essential for integrated analysis. Towards this effort, we subjected laryngo-pharyngeal primary tumors and the corresponding adjacent normal tissues (n=2) to two RNA and protein isolation methods, one wherein RNA and protein were isolated from the same tissue sequentially (Method 1) and second, wherein the extraction was carried out using two independent methods (Method 2). RNA and protein from both methods were subjected to RNA-seq and iTRAQ based LC-MS/MS analysis. Transcript and peptide identification and quantification was followed by both individual-ome and integrated data analysis. As a result of this analysis, we identified a higher number of total, as well as differentially expressed (DE) transcripts (1329 vs 1134) and proteins (799 vs 408) with fold change ≥ 2.0, in Method 1. Among these, 173 and 86 entities were identified by both transcriptome and proteome analysis in Method 1 and 2, respectively, with higher concordance in the regulation tre...Continue Reading

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