An interaction of histamine H2-receptor antagonists with the noradrenergic system in rat brain

European Journal of Pharmacology
J Z NowakC Maslinski


Intraventricular administration of 50 microgram of burimamide or 250 microgram of either metiamide or cimetidine decreased the NA concentration in rat hypothalamus by nearly 30%. Cimetidine did not significantly influence either DA or DOPAC levels in striatum. Cimetidine and metiamide significantly potentiated locomotor activity of tranylcypromine-treated rats and this effect was antagonized by phentolamine. It is concluded that the three histamine H2-receptor antagonists released NA in rat brain.


Jan 4, 2012·Paediatric Anaesthesia·Nick H G HolfordBrian J Anderson
Nov 1, 1982·The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology·E RubioJ Esplugues

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