DOI: 10.1101/19011049Nov 22, 2019Paper

An international multicenter examination of MOG antibody assays

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Markus ReindlP. Waters


Objectives: To compare the reproducibility of 11 antibody assays for IgG and IgM myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibodies (MOG-IgG, MOG-IgM) from five international centers. Methods: The following samples were analyzed: MOG-IgG clearly positive sera (n=39), MOG-IgG low positive sera (n=39), borderline negative sera (n=13), clearly negative sera (n=40), and healthy blood donors (n=30). As technical controls, 18 replicates (9 MOG-IgG positive and 9 negative) were included. All samples and controls were re-coded, aliquoted, and distributed to the five testing centers which performed the following antibody assays: five live and one fixed immunofluorescence cell-based assays (CBA-IF, five MOG-IgG, one MOG-IgM), three live flow cytometry cell-based assays (FACS-CBA, all MOG-IgG), and two enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA, both MOG-IgG). Results: We found excellent agreement (96%) between the live CBAs for MOG-IgG for samples previously identified as clearly positive or negative from four different national testing centers. The agreement was lower with fixed CBA-IF (90%) and the ELISA showed no concordance with CBAs for detection of human MOG-IgG. All CBAs showed excellent inter-assay reproducibility. The agreement of MO...Continue Reading

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