Sep 16, 2014

Inter-domain dynamics drive cholesterol transport by NPC1 and NPC1L1 proteins

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Ettje F TigchelaarEdith J.M. Feskens


Transport of LDL-derived cholesterol from lysosomes into the cytoplasm requires NPC1 protein; NPC1L1 mediates uptake of dietary cholesterol. We introduced single disulfide bonds into NPC1 and NPC1L1 to explore the importance of inter-domain dynamics in cholesterol transport. Using a sensitive method to monitor lysosomal cholesterol efflux, we find that NPC1's N-terminal domain need not release from the rest of the protein for efficient cholesterol export. Either introducing single disulfide bonds to constrain lumenal/extracellular domains or shortening a cytoplasmic loop abolishes transport activity by both NPC1 and NPC1L1. The widely prescribed cholesterol uptake inhibitor, Ezetimibe, blocks NPC1L1; we show that interface residues that lie at the interface between NPC1L1's three extracellular domains comprise the drug's binding site. These data support a model in which cholesterol passes through the cores of NPC1/NPC1L1 proteins; concerted movement of various domains is needed for transfer and Ezetimibe blocks transport by binding to multiple domains simultaneously.

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