PMID: 325Dec 1, 1975

Analysis of immunosuppression generated by the graft-versus-host reaction. I. A suppressor T-cell component studied in vivo

F L Shand


The kinetics and cellular characteristics of immunosuppression in (CBA-p X C57/Bl)F1 mice during graft-versus-host (GVH) reaction induced with spleen cells from either parental strain have been investigated. Effects on PFC responses to thymus-dependent (chicken red blood cells) and independent (levan) antigens have been compared. The unresponsive state which developed in GVH mice was expressed to comparable extent by their spleen cells following transfer to irradiated recipients. Furthermore, GVH spleen cells suppressed normal spleen cells in a mixed transfer system, but this effect was lost completely by day 21 whereas the original donors (or their cells) were still totally refractory after 80 days. This active suppressor effect was found to be mediated by T cells of perental origin based on cell fractionation analysis and selective deletion of donor or host cells by alloimmune attack. The delayed transfer of GVH cells to irradiated repopulated recipients challenged with antigen, indicated that suppressor T cells exert an anti-mitotic influence on antigen-stimulated B-cell proliferation. Supplementation of macrophage-depleted, anti-theta-treated GVH spleen cells with purified normal T cells demonstrated that B cells in GVH mic...Continue Reading

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