Analysis of the vasodilator action of alprenolol

European Journal of Pharmacology
N HimoriT Ishimori


The effect of alprenolol and other beta-adrenoceptor antagonists, including d-isomers, on blood flow in femoral, coronary and mesenteric vascular beds was measured in anesthetized dogs. Under conditions of constant perfusion pressure, intra-arterial injection of beta-adrenoceptor antagonists produced vasodilation. Propranolol and alprenolol were approximately equipotent in coronary and mesenteric beds but alprenolol was significantly more potent in the femoral bed. Practolol was virtually inactive in all beds. The vasodilating potency of d-alprenolol and d-propranolol was not significantly different from that of the respective racemic mixtures. The vasodilator response to alprenolol was not affected by pretreatment with atropine, diphenhydramine or propranolol. In conscious normotensive dogs i.v. injections of d,l- and d-alprenolol produced dose-dependent decreases in blood pressure and increases in heart rate. Under similar conditions, i.v. d,l-propranolol was without effect on either measurement. The results suggest that the hypotensive action of alprenolol in dogs may derive from its vasodilator activity.


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