DOI: 10.1101/459735Nov 1, 2018Paper

Aneuvis: Web-based exploration of numerical chromosomal variation in single cells

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Daniel G PiqueJessica C Mar


Aberrations in chromosomal copy number are one of the most common molecular features observed in cancer. Quantifying the degree of numerical chromosomal variation in single cells across a population of cells is of interest to researchers studying whole chromosomal instability (W-CIN). W-CIN, a state of high numerical chromosomal variation, contributes to treatment resistance in cancer. Here, we introduce aneuvis, a web application that allows users to determine whether numerical chromosomal variation exists between experimental treatment groups. The web interface allows users to upload molecular cytogenetic or processed whole-genome sequencing data in a cell-by-chromosome matrix format and automatically generates visualizations and summary statistics that reflect the degree of numeric chromosomal variability. Aneuvis is the first user-friendly web application to help researchers identify the genetic and environmental perturbations that promote numerical chromosomal variation.

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