Apr 1, 1975

Antigenicity and cross-reactivity of denatured fibril proteins of primary, secondary, and myeloma associated amyloids

The Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine
M D BensonA S Cohen


Antisera have been produced against amyloid fibril preparations of primary, secondary, and myeloma origins. These have revealed the presence of both idiotypic and shared antigenic determinants. A high degree of cross-reactivity among the 3 types of amyloid has been found irrespective of classification. One antiserum to a secondary amyloid fibril preparation proved to be directed against A protein (the major nonimmunoglobulin constituent of secondary amyloid fibrils). This antiserum detected A protein in several of the secondary amyloids as well as in two primary amyloid fibril preparations which were degraded with alkali; These finding indicate that amyloid fibrils of various origins have similarities in composition and, therefore, may have common factors involved in fibrillogenesis.

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Antigenic Specificity
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Staphylococcal Protein A
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