DOI: 10.1101/473884Nov 19, 2018Paper

APOBEC-mediated DNA alterations: a possible new mechanism of carcinogenesis in EBV-positive gastric cancer

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Irina BobrovnitchaiaIsrael Silva


Mechanisms of viral oncogenesis are diverse and include the off-target activity of enzymes expressed by the infected cells, which evolved to target viral genomes for controlling their infection. Among these enzymes, the single-strand DNA editing capability of APOBECs represent a well-conserved viral infection response that can also cause untoward mutations in host DNA. Here we show , after evaluating somatic single-nucleotide variations and transcriptome data in 240 gastric cancer samples, a positive correlation between APOBEC3s mRNA-expression and the APOBEC-mutation signature, both increased in EBV+ tumors. The correlation was reinforced by the observation of APOBEC-mutations preferentially occuring in transcriptionally-active loci. The EBV-infection and APOBEC3 mutation-signature axis was confirmed in a validation cohort of 112 gastric cancer patients. Our findings suggest that APOBEC3 upregulation in EBV+ cancer may boost the mutation load, providing further clues to the mechanisms of EBV-induced gastric carcinogenesis. After further validation, this EBV-APOBEC axis may prove to be a secondary driving force in the mutational evolution of EBV+ gastric tumors, whose consequences in terms of prognosis and treatment implication...Continue Reading

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