DOI: 10.1101/511063Jan 3, 2019Paper

Assessment of gibberellin (GA4+7) mediated changes on grain filling, hormonal behaviour and antioxidants in high-density maize (Zea Mays L.)

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Wenwen CuiZhikuan Jia


Dense plant cultivation is an efficient approach to improve the maize production by maximizing the utilization of energy and nutrient. However, dense plant populations may aggravate the abortion rate of young grains and result in fewer number of kernels per ear. Grain filling rate and duration play a decisive role in maize grain yield. Therefore, increasing plant density, consideration of enhancing the grain filling rate and duration of individual maize plant and regulating crop senescence would be the first priority. In this study, we examined the regulatory effects of GA4+7 under two application methods (shank-smearing and silk-smearing). Shank-soaking with GA4+7 at the rate of 0 (CK1), 10 (T1), 60 (T2), and 120 (T3) mg L−1, while silk-smearing at the rate of 0 (CK2), 10 (S1), 60 (S2), and 120 (S3) mg L-1 were used. The results showed that GA4+7 improved the grain filling rate by increasing the content of auxin, gibberellin and zeatin and abscisic acid in grains compared to control plants. In addition, The auxin, gibberellin and zeatin contents in the grains were positively and significantly correlated with the maximum grain weight and the maximum and mean grain-filling rates; the abscisic acid level was positively correlated...Continue Reading

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