Oct 27, 2006

Assessment of using unleaded fuel in the harsh environment of the United Arab Emirates

Journal of Environmental Management
Taleb H Ibrahim, Essam A H Al-Zubaidy


The service life of lubricating oil produced in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was examined using a car fueled with leaded or unleaded gasoline of the same grade in harsh local conditions. In addition, the economic impact of using leaded vs. unleaded gasoline via the effects on the useful life of engine oil was investigated. Every 500 km that the car was operated, the physical properties of the oil were examined to determine the optimum oil life before replacement. It was found that relative to unleaded gasoline, leaded gasoline resulted in a faster deterioration of lube oil properties and a reduced useful life of the oil. Many of the effects of use on the physical properties of oil became apparent from the beginning of its service, especially when leaded gasoline was used. Our findings indicate that the recommended useful life of oil when using leaded gasoline is 2500 km. With unleaded gasoline, deterioration of the physical properties of the lubricating oil became a concern after 3000 km. Thus with unleaded gasoline, it is recommended to have an oil change every 3500 km. These findings indicate that the decision of the UAE government to stop using lead compound additives to improve the octane number of gasoline will not only ...Continue Reading

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