Oct 22, 2013

ATF3 expression is induced by low glucose in pancreatic α and β cells and regulates glucagon but not insulin gene transcription

Endocrine Journal
Yong-Soo LeeT Kitamura


The pancreas is critical for maintaining glucose homeostasis. Activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3) is an adaptive response transcription factor. There are major discrepancies in previous reports on pancreatic ATF3; therefore, its role in the pancreas is unclear. To better elucidate the role of ATF3 in the pancreas, we conducted in vitro studies using pancreatic α and β cell lines, and also evaluated the use of ATF3 antibodies for immunohistochemistry. We determined ATF3 expression was increased by low glucose and decreased by high glucose in both αTC-1.6 and βTC3 cells. We also showed that adenovirus-mediated ATF3 overexpression increased glucagon promoter activity and glucagon mRNA levels in αTC-1.6 cells; whereas, it had no effect on insulin promoter activity and insulin mRNA levels in βTC3 cells. Although immunostaining with the C-19 ATF3 antibody demonstrated predominant expression in α cells rather than β cells, ATF3 staining was still detected in ATF3 knockout mice as clearly as in control mice. On the other hand, another ATF3 antibody (H-90) detected ATF3 in both α cells and β cells, and was clearly diminished in ATF3 knockout mice. These results indicate that previous discrepancies in ATF3 expression patterns in the...Continue Reading

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