ATP synthase from bovine heart mitochondria. In vitro assembly of a stalk complex in the presence of F1-ATPase and in its absence

Journal of Molecular Biology
I R CollinsonJ E Walker


Four subunits of the F1F0-ATPase from bovine heart mitochondria have been produced by heterologous over-expression in Escherichia coli. They are the oligomycin sensitivity conferral protein (OSCP), coupling factor 6 (F6) and subunits b and d. Likewise, fragments b', bI, bC, and bM (amino acid residues 79 to 214, 121 to 214, 165 to 214 and 79 to 164, respectively, of subunit b), and fragment d' (subunit d lacking residue 1 to 14) have been produced in abundant quantities by bacterial expression. These subunits, and the fragments of subunits b and d, have been assayed singly and in various combinations by gel-filtration chromatography for their abilities to bind to bovine heart F1-ATPase. Only the OSCP was found to be capable of forming a stable binary complex with F1-ATPase. When fragments b', bI or bC were added to F1-ATPase together with the OSCP, the ternary complexes F1.OSCP.b', F1.OSCP.bI or F1.OSCP.bC were formed, but b', bI and bC appeared to be present in sub-stoichiometric amounts. When F6 was added also, then the stoichiometric quaternary complexes F1.OSCP.b'.F6 and F1.OSCP.bI.F6 were obtained, as was a fourth quaternary complex containing approximately equivalent amounts of F1 and OSCP, and sub-stoichiometric quantiti...Continue Reading


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