Autonomic mechanisms in hemodynamic responses to isometric exercise

The Journal of Clinical Investigation
C E MartinJ J Leonard


Selective autonomic blockade with intravenous propranolol, practolol, atropine, and combined atropine-propranolol was utilized to elucidate the role of the autonomic nervous system in the hemodynamic responses in young adult male volunteers to handgrip sustained at 30% of maximal voluntary contraction for 3 min. The initial 30 s of the tachycardia response was found to be mediated by withdrawal of vagal dominance, as evidenced by blockade of this response by prior atropinization. The mid and late portion of the heart rate response curve was demonstrated to be sympathetic in origin, since it was unaffected by atropine, but was suppressed by combined atropine-propranolol blockade. Sympathetic stimulation appears to be a secondary mechanism for increasing the heart rate, however, as it becomes operative only after the first mechanism of vagal withdrawal has been utilized. This was confirmed by the finding that beta adrenergic receptor blockade alone had little effect on the heart rate response curve. The pressor response to handgrip was accompanied by increased cardiac output and no change in calculated systemic vascular resistance. After propranolol, handgrip resulted in increased peripheral resistance and an equivalent rise in a...Continue Reading


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