Apr 28, 2020

Remote control of CAR T cell therapies by thermal targeting

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I. C. MillerGabriel A Kwong


The limited ability to control anti-tumor activity within tumor sites contributes to poor CAR T cell responses against solid malignancies. Systemic delivery of biologic drugs such as cytokines can augment CAR T cell activity despite off-target toxicity in healthy tissues that narrow their therapeutic window. Here we develop a platform for remote control of CAR T therapies by thermal targeting. To enable CAR T cells to respond to heat, we construct synthetic thermal gene switches that trigger expression of transgenes in response to mild elevations in local temperature (40-42 {degrees}C) but not to orthogonal cellular stresses such as hypoxia. We show that short pulses of heat (15-30 min) lead to more than 60-fold increases in gene expression without affecting key T cell functions including proliferation, migration, and cytotoxicity. We demonstrate thermal control of broad classes of immunostimulatory agents including CARs, Bispecific T cell Engagers (BiTEs), and cytokine superagonists to enhance proliferation and cell targeting. In mouse models of adoptive transfer, photothermal targeting of intratumoral CAR T cells to control the production of an IL-15 superagonist significantly enhance anti-tumor activity and overall survival....Continue Reading

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