DOI: 10.1101/464552Nov 7, 2018Paper

Axonal localization of the Fragile X family of RNA binding proteins is conserved across mammals

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K. A. ShepardMichael Akins


Spatial segregation of proteins to neuronal axons arises in part from local translation of select mRNAs that are first transported into axons in ribonucleoprotein particles (RNPs), complexes containing mRNAs and RNA binding proteins. Understanding the importance of local translation for a particular circuit requires not only identifying axonal RNPs and their mRNA cargoes, but also whether these RNPs are broadly conserved or restricted to only a few species. Fragile X granules (FXGs) are axonal RNPs containing the Fragile X related family of RNA binding proteins along with ribosomes and specific mRNAs. FXGs were previously identified in mouse, rat, and human brains in a conserved subset of neuronal circuits but with species-dependent developmental profiles. Here we asked whether FXGs are a broadly conserved feature of the mammalian brain and sought to better understand the species-dependent developmental expression pattern. We found FXGs in a conserved subset of neurons and circuits in the brains of every examined species that together include mammalian taxa separated by up to 160 million years of divergent evolution. A developmental analysis of rodents revealed that FXG expression in frontal cortex and olfactory bulb followed c...Continue Reading

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