Apr 14, 2018

B cell receptor crosslinking can augment T cell help-mediated germinal center B cell selection.

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Jackson Steed TurnerIrina Leonidovna Grigorova


Selection of germinal center (GC) B cells with B cell receptors (BCR) possessing high affinity to foreign antigen (Ag) and their differentiation into antibody-secreting long-lived plasma cells is critical for potent long-term humoral immunity. Ag-dependent engagement of GC B cell BCR triggers Ag internalization and loading of antigenic peptides on MHCII molecules for presentation to follicular helper T cells (Tfh) and acquisition of T cell help. However, whether it also provides signals that are critical or synergistic with T cell help for GC B cell selection and differentiation in vivo is not known. Here we show that T cell help is sufficient to induce GC B cell expansion and plasmablast (PB) formation in the absence of recurrent BCR engagement with Ag. Ag-mediated BCR crosslinking on the other hand is not sufficient to promote GC B cell selection, but can synergize with T cell help to enhance the GC B cell and PB responses when T cell help is limiting.

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