In vetro study on the toxic effects of acrylamide on blood antioxidants, ameliorative effects of vitamin C

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A. GhamdiMohamed Afifi


Acrylamide, ACR, is a naturally occurring, widely used compound, it is generated during cocking carbohydrate rich food at high temperature. Ingestion of large amounts of ACR underlies several health concerns and teratogenicity. Vitamin C is a strong reducing agent greatly used to clean free radicals. Blood sample was obtained from 46 years old, healthy nonsmoking man in heparinized tubs. Blood sample was immediately divided into seven parts as triplet for each. The first one was leaved as control, second, third and the fourth were treated with acrylamide in a concentration of 25,50 and 100 mM respectively, the fifth, sixth and the seventh were treated with acrylamide as the mentioned concentrations and vitamin C in a concentration of 100 mM. Samples (one mile litter) from each tube were taken after four and 24 hours and were used for preparation of hemolysates, that were kept at -80 C till investigation of the biochemical parameters.The concentrations of Malondialdehyd, MDA, nitric oxide, NO and hydrogen peroxide, H2O2 increased in ACR and/or vitamin C treated samples as compared with control. The concentration of reduced glutathione, GSH and activities of Catalase CAT, Superoxide dismutase, SOD, Glutathione reductase, GR, Glut...Continue Reading

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