Bayesian estimation for stochastic gene expression using multifidelity models

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Huy D VoBrian Munsky


The finite state projection (FSP) approach to solving the chemical master equation has enabled successful inference of discrete stochastic models to predict single-cell gene regulation dynamics. Unfortunately, the FSP approach is highly computationally intensive for all but the simplest models, an issue that is highly problematic when parameter inference and uncertainty quantification takes enormous numbers of parameter evaluations. To address this issue, we propose two new computational methods for the Bayesian inference of stochastic gene expression parameters given single-cell experiments. We formulate and verify an Adaptive Delayed Acceptance Metropolis-Hastings (ADAMH) algorithm to utilize with reduced Krylov-basis projections of the FSP. We then introduce an extension of the ADAMH into a Hybrid scheme that consists of an initial phase to construct a reduced model and a faster second phase to sample from the approximate posterior distribution determined by the constructed model. We test and compare both algorithms to an adaptive Metropolis algorithm with full FSP-based likelihood evaluations on three example models and simulated data to show that the new ADAMH variants achieve substantial speedup in comparison to the full ...Continue Reading

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