Nov 23, 2007

Benzene, alkylated benzenes, chlorinated hydrocarbons and monoterpenes in snow/ice at Jungfraujoch (46.6 degrees N, 8.0 degrees E) during CLACE 4 and 5

The Science of the Total Environment
Elke FriesGeert K Moortgat


Benzene, alkylated benzenes, chlorinated hydrocarbons and monoterpenes were measured in snow/ice collected directly in-cloud at Jungfraujoch (3580 m asl) in February and March 2005 and 2006 during the CLoud and Aerosol Characterization Experiments CLACE 4 and CLACE 5. Melted snow/ice samples were analyzed by headspace-solid-phase-dynamic-extraction (HS-SPDE) followed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Generally, there was a tendency in the results that higher concentrations were found after longer precipitation-free periods, suggesting that higher concentrations in snow/ice may be caused by the washout effect of precipitation. High concentration variations in snow/ice samples taken at the same time at the same place highlight the heterogeneous nature of snow/ice. Air concentrations calculated by scavenging ratios and measured snow/ice values markedly exceed the typically reported concentrations of benzene and alkylbenzenes in air (Li Y, Campana M, Reimann S, Schaub KS, Staehlin J, Peter T. Hydrocarbon concentrations at the alpine mountain sites Jungfraujoch and Arosa. Atmos Environ 2005;39:1113-27). This argues for an efficient snow/ice scavenging of those compounds from the atmosphere during precipitation formation.

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