Feb 1, 1976

Beta adrenergic dilator component of the sympathetic vascular response in skeletal muscle. Influence on the micro-circulation and on transcapillary exchange

Acta Physiologica Scandinavica
J Lundvall, J Järhult


A neurogenic beta-adrenergic vasodilatation in skeletal muscle has been indicated by some recent investigations. The present study describes the extent to which this neurogenic beta-dilator mechanism contributes to the integrated vascular response in consecutive sections of the muscle vascular bed during sympathetic nerve activation. This was done by studying the vascular reactions to graded sympathetic stimulation (1-16 Hz) before and after beta-adrenoceptor blockade. Beta-blockade did not influence significantly the sympathetically induced changes of total muscle vascular resistance or capacitance. Vascular tone in the "micro-vessels" during stimulation was, however, clearly more pronounced in the beta-blocked than in the non-blocked region, as revealed by segmental resistance analysis and by determination of precapillary sphincter tone (CFC). In addition, beta-blockade markedly reduced the net transcapillary absorption of extravascular fluid evoked by nerve activation. This effect could be ascribed to the mentioned influence on the precapillary sphincters, leading to a decrease of the number of capillaries available for transcapillary exchange, and to a limitation of the nerve induced fall of capillary hydrostatic pressure. ...Continue Reading

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