Beta-blockers and central nervous system side effects

Pharmacology & Therapeutics
J McAinsh, J M Cruickshank


Beta-adrenergic blocking drugs are a widely used, well tolerated and effective treatment for a variety of cardiovascular and noncardiovascular disorders. Over the years, beta-blockers have been associated with an incidence, albeit low, of CNS side effects. The question of interest, however, is whether the incidence is the same for all members of the class or whether other properties, such as hydrophilicity, have a bearing on the incidence of this type of side effect? This article addresses this question. In pharmacokinetic terms the lipophilic beta-blockers have been shown, both in animals and man, to readily cross the blood-brain barrier in contrast to hydrophilic beta-blockers. This is thought to have possible clinical relevance with respect to the relative incidence of CNS side-effects. To clarify the situation every published clinical paper, in which the beta-blockers propranolol (highly lipophilic, nonselective, no intrinsic sympathomimetic activity (ISA)), pindolol (moderately lipophilic, nonselective, moderate ISA), metoprolol (moderately lipophilic, beta 1-selective, no ISA) and atenolol (hydrophilic beta 1-selective, no ISA) were compared, was assessed for information pertaining to CNS side effects. This comprehensive ...Continue Reading


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