Bioinspired Design of Lysolytic Triterpenoid-Peptide Conjugates that Kill African Trypanosomes

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W-Matthias LeederH Ulrich Göringer


Humans have evolved a natural immunity against Trypanosoma brucei infections, which is executed by two serum (lipo)protein complexes known as trypanolytic factors (TLF). Active TLF-ingredient is the primate-specific apolipoprotein L1 (ApoL1). The protein has a pore-forming activity that kills parasites by lysosomal and mitochondrial membrane fenestration. Of the many trypanosome subspecies only two are able to counteract the activity of ApoL1, which illustrates its evolutionary optimized design and trypanocidal potency. Here we ask the question whether a synthetic (syn)TLF can be synthesized using the design principles of the natural TLF-complexes but relying on different chemical building blocks. We demonstrate the stepwise development of triterpenoid-peptide conjugates, in which the triterpenoids act as a cell binding, uptake and lysosomal transport-moduls and the synthetic peptide GALA as a pH-sensitive, pore-forming lysolytic toxin. As designed, the conjugate kills infective-stage African trypanosomes through lysosomal lysis demonstrating proof-of-principle for the bioinspired, forward-design of a synTLF.

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Trypanosoma brucei brucei
GALA peptide
Chronic Infectious Disease

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