Apr 25, 2020

MiBiOmics: An interactive web application for multi-omics data exploration and integration

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J. ZoppiSamuel Chaffron


Multi-omics experimental approaches are becoming common practice in biological and medical sciences underlying the need to design new integrative techniques and applications to enable the holistic analysis of complex biological systems. The integrative analysis of heterogeneous datasets generally allows us to acquire additional insights and generate novel hypotheses about a given biological system but can become challenging given the often very large size of omics datasets and the diversity of existing techniques. Moreover, visualization tools for interpretation are usually non-accessible to biologists without programming skills. Here, we present MiBiOmics, a web-based and standalone application that facilitates multi-omics data visualization, exploration, integration, and analysis by providing easy access to interactive tools and dedicated protocols. It implements advanced ordination techniques and the reconstruction of omics-based (multi-layer) networks to mine complex biological systems, and identify robust biomarkers linked to specific contextual parameters or biological states. Through an intuitive and interactive interface, MiBiOmics provides easy-access to ordination techniques and to an innovative network-based approach...Continue Reading

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