Blind tests of RNA nearest neighbor energy prediction

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Fang-Chieh ChouRhiju Das


The predictive modeling and design of biologically active RNA molecules requires understanding the energetic balance amongst their basic components. Rapid developments in computer simulation promise increasingly accurate recovery of RNA's nearest neighbor (NN) free energy parameters, but these methods have not been tested in predictive trials or on non-standard nucleotides. Here, we present the first such tests through a RECCES-Rosetta (Reweighting of Energy-function Collection with Conformational Ensemble Sampling in Rosetta) framework that rigorously models conformational entropy, predicts previously unmeasured NN parameters, and estimates these values' systematic uncertainties. RECCES-Rosetta recovers the ten NN parameters for Watson-Crick stacked base pairs and thirty-two single-nucleotide dangling-end parameters with unprecedented accuracies - root-mean-square deviations (RMSD) of 0.28 kcal/mol and 0.41 kcal/mol, respectively. For set-aside test sets, RECCES-Rosetta gives an RMSD of 0.32 kcal/mol on eight stacked pairs involving G-U wobble pairs and an RMSD of 0.99 kcal/mol on seven stacked pairs involving non-standard isocytidine-isoguanosine pairs. To more rigorously assess RECCES-Rosetta, we carried out four blind predi...Continue Reading

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