DOI: 10.1101/482638Nov 29, 2018Paper

Bottom-up sensory processing can decrease activity and functional connectivity in the default mode like network in rats.

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Rukun HinzGeorgios A A Keliris


The default mode network is a large-scale brain network that is active during rest and internally focused states and deactivates as well as desynchronizes during externally oriented (top-down) attention demanding cognitive tasks. However, it is not sufficiently understood if unpredicted salient stimuli, able to trigger bottom-up attentional processes, could also result in similar reduction of activity and functional connectivity in the DMN. In this study, we investigated whether bottom-up sensory processing could influence the default mode like network (DMLN) in rats. DMLN activity was examined using block-design visual functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while its synchronization was investigated by comparing functional connectivity during a resting versus a continuously stimulated brain state by unpredicted light flashes. We demonstrated that activity in DMLN regions was decreased during visual stimulus blocks and increased during blanks. Furthermore, decreased inter-network functional connectivity between the DMLN and visual networks as well as decreased intra-network functional connectivity within the DMLN was observed during the continuous visual stimulation. These results suggest that triggering of bottom-up atte...Continue Reading

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