PMID: 39388Apr 1, 1979

Bronchoselective beta stimulators and corticoid aerosols in the treatment of asthma

Zeitschrift für die gesamte innere Medizin und ihre Grenzgebiete
J F Fischer, D Wenzel


In the treatment of the obstructive ventilation disturbance in bronchial asthma the beta 2-receptor stimulants and the inhalable corticoids best proved. With the help of own clinical experiences and studies of literature Arubendol, Salbutamol, Berotec, Auxiloson and Beclomethason are described and it is reported on their bronchospasmolytic qualities as well as their protective effect against repeated acetylcholin and allergen irritation, respectively. They all distinguish themselves by a selective effect on the bronchial system and in therapeutic doses they guarantee the absence of systemic side effects. Though with Arubendol a secure beta 2-receptor stimulants with a good protective effect against acetylcholin and allergen irritation is at our disposal, the application of Berotec and of in inhalable corticoid would be an effective enrichment of our antiasthmatic remedies.

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