PMID: 9461437Mar 7, 1998

Budding yeast Cdc20: a target of the spindle checkpoint

L HwangAndrew W Murray


The spindle checkpoint regulates the cell division cycle by keeping cells with defective spindles from leaving mitosis. In the two-hybrid system, three proteins that are components of the checkpoint, Mad1, Mad2, and Mad3, were shown to interact with Cdc20, a protein required for exit from mitosis. Mad2 and Mad3 coprecipitated with Cdc20 at all stages of the cell cycle. The binding of Mad2 depended on Mad1 and that of Mad3 on Mad1 and Mad2. Overexpression of Cdc20 allowed cells with a depolymerized spindle or damaged DNA to leave mitosis but did not overcome the arrest caused by unreplicated DNA. Mutants in Cdc20 that were resistant to the spindle checkpoint no longer bound Mad proteins, suggesting that Cdc20 is the target of the spindle checkpoint.


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