DOI: 10.1101/459453Nov 2, 2018Paper

Building a sequence map of the pig pan-genome from multiple de novo assemblies and Hi-C data

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Xiaomeng TianYu Jiang


Pigs ( Sus scrofa ) exhibit diverse phenotypes in different breeds shaped by the combined effects of various local adaptation and artificial selection. To comprehensively characterize the genetic diversity of pigs, we construct a pig pan-genome by comparing genome assemblies of 11 representative pig breeds with the reference genome (Sscrofa11.1). Approximately 72.5 Mb non-redundant sequences were identified as pan-sequences which were absent from the Sscrofa11.1. On average, 41.7 kb of spurious heterozygous SNPs per individual are removed and 12.9 kb novel SNPs per individual are recovered using pan-genome as the reference for SNP calling, thereby providing enhanced resolution for genetic diversity in pigs. Homolog annotation and analysis using RNA-seq and Hi-C data indicate that these pan-sequences contain protein-coding regions and regulatory elements. These pan-sequences can further improve the interpretation of local 3D structure. The pan-genome as well as the accompanied web-based database will serve as a primary resource for exploration of genetic diversity and promote pig breeding and biomedical research.

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