Calcium channels in chicken sperm regulate motility and the acrosome reaction

The FEBS Journal
Thi Mong Diep NguyenElisabeth Blesbois


Intracellular cytoplasmic calcium ([Ca(2+) ]i ) has an important regulatory role in gamete functions. However, the biochemical components involved in Ca(2+) transport are still unknown in birds, an animal class that has lost functional sperm-specific CatSper channels. Here, we provide evidence for the presence and expression of various Ca(2+) channels in chicken sperm, including high voltage-activated channels (L and R types), the store-operated Ca(2+) channel (SOC) component Orai1, the transient receptor potential channel (TRPC1) and inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors (IP3 R1). L- and R-type channels were mainly localized in the acrosome and the midpiece, and T-type channels were not detected in chicken sperm. Orai1 was found in all compartments, but with a weak, diffuse signal in the flagellum. TRCP1 was mainly localized in the acrosome and the midpiece, but a weak diffuse signal was also observed in the nucleus and the flagellum. IP3 R1 was mainly detected in the nucleus. The L-type channel inhibitor nifedipine, the R-type channel inhibitor SNX-482 and the SOC inhibitors MRS-1845, 2-APB and YM-58483 decreased [Ca(2+) ]i sperm motility and acrosome reaction capability, with the SOC inhibitors inhibiting these functions mo...Continue Reading


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