Nov 1, 1976

Carcinoma of the thyroid gland in childhood

Ceskoslovenská patologie
V Zeman


In a surgical series of 54 carcinomas of the thyroid in children under 15 years of age (22 males, 32 females), differentiated carcinoma was disclosed in 50 cases. Of these, the pattern was purely papillary in 5, purely follicular in 3 and mixed, i.e. papillary and follicular, in 42 cases. There was an admixture of a solid component in 25 of the mixed cases. In one case the tumour was solid medullary carcinoma with amyloid and 3 cases appeared to be anaplastic carcinomas. In 21 cases the material available for microscopical examination was both that of the primary focus and of a metastasis. In only 2 of such cases the pattern was identical in the primary carcinoma showed a purely follicular pattern in the metastases. In the remaining 18 cases the primary carcinomas appeared as structurally uniform but showed an admixture of the other differentiated component or of a solid one in the metastases. The reverse also occurred in some cases. Therefore it appears to be impossible to assess the pattern of the primary growth from its metastasis. No essential difference was disclosed in the tendency of histologically different neoplasms to metastasize. During orientational histological examination of the removed glands intrathyroidal metas...Continue Reading

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