Cardiac output and oxygen delivery during exercise in sickle cell anemia

The American Review of Respiratory Disease
P PianosiA L Coates


Desaturation in patients with sickle cell anemia (SCA) can lead to intravascular sickling and vascular occlusion. The increased metabolic demands of exercise tend to increase oxygen extraction, giving rise to a fall in saturation in the capillary bed that may predispose to sickling. This could be minimized with an increase in cardiac output. The aims of this study were to assess the role of increased stroke volume (SV) in augmenting cardiac output (Q) and to estimate the role of enlarged arteriovenous O2 content difference in maintaining O2 transport in children with SCA. A group of 30 children with SCA (Hb 65 to 133 g/L) and 16 healthy controls of the same racial group and of similar height and weight performed incremental and steady-state exercise at 50% Wmax. Cardiac output (Q) was measured by the indirect (CO2) Fick method during steady state. The slope of delta HR/delta VO2 during incremental exercise was higher in SCA subjects compared with controls (4.01 +/- 1.73 versus 2.80 +/- 0.61 bpm per ml/min/kg VO2, p = 0.001). Q for VO2 was abnormally high in patients, particularly older ones with lower Hb levels. HR (% predicted) was higher in patients than in controls (106 +/- 11 versus 92 +/- 8% predicted, p less than 0.0001),...Continue Reading


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