Jun 1, 1982

Catecholamines act as alpha 2-adrenoceptors to cause contraction of circular smooth muscle of guinea-pig stomach

The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
H A SahyounR J Naylor


Circular smooth muscle strips taken from the body region of the guinea-pig stomach responded to dopamine and noradrenaline with contraction at lower concentrations followed by relaxation at higher concentrations. A beta-adrenoceptor-mediated relaxation response was excluded by propranolol treatment and this allowed the remaining alpha-adrenoceptor involvement with relaxation and contraction to be incisively differentiated in terms of two distinct alpha-adrenoceptor mechanisms. Thus, the relaxation responses to the catecholamines were mimicked by phenylephrine and antagonized by prazosin, phentolamine but not by yohimbine or rauwolscine. In contrast, the catecholamine-induced contractions were mimicked by clonidine and antagonized by yohimbine and phentolamine but not by prazosin. It is therefore concluded that the alpha mechanisms via which dopamine and noradrenaline are able to relax and contract the circular smooth muscle from the body region of guinea-pig stomach are of the alpha 1- and alpha 2-type respectively.

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