Sep 1, 1980

CCNU chemotherapy in adult patients with tumors of the basal ganglia and brain stem

Journal of Neurosurgery
A PompiliM Fontana


The present investigation evaluates those few patients of our series with basal ganglia and brain-stem tumor who refused either surgical decompression and biopsy or radiation therapy. Four patients were suffering from tumors of the basal ganglia and three from brain-stem tumors; all the tumors were diagnosed by classical neuroradiological investigations and computerized tomography. The patients were given CCNU by mouth, 13 mg/sq m every 6 weeks. No toxicity was recorded. Mean survival was 19 weeks for patients with basal ganglia tumors and 48 weeks for those with brain-stem tumors. All patients were evaluated with respect to the quality of survival. Results were compared with those obtained in a control group of patients who received methylprednisolone therapy only.

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