Jan 1, 1989

Cellular turnover at the chondro-osseous junction of growth plate cartilage: analysis by serial sections at the light microscopical level

Journal of Orthopaedic Research : Official Publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society
Cornelia E Farnum, N J Wilsman


In the distal hypertrophic cell zone of growth plate cartilage, the penetration of metaphyseal vascular endothelial cells is into the noncalcified territorial and pericellular matrices. Cellular mechanisms that promote metaphyseal vascularization are understood poorly, partly because no study has addressed the question of the time sequence of cellular interactions at the chondro-osseous junction. The purpose of the present study is to make predictions about the relative and the real time duration of cellular events during vascular invasion, including an analysis of the time sequence of death of the terminal hypertrophic chondrocyte. The data from serial section analysis at the light microscopical level of tetracycline-labeled growth plates indicate that death of the terminal hypertrophic chondrocyte occurs in discrete morphological stages characterized by rapid cellular condensation followed, within minutes, by endothelial cell penetration into the vacated lacuna. Cellular condensation lasts approximately 45 min or 18% of the time a cell spends as a terminal chondrocyte. The data also demonstrate that chondrocytic death occurs prior to invasion by vascular endothelial cells and that the chondrocytic lacuna remains empty for as ...Continue Reading

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