Central neural regulation of heart and blood vessels in mammals

Progress in Neurobiology
F R CalaresuG J Mogenson


The study of the central regulation of the circulation in the past has been directed primarily at observing reflex responses to stimulation of peripheral receptors and at producing changes in cardiovascular parameters during electrical stimulation of central sites. These studies have demonstrated that the nervous system can regulate the circulation to different vascular beds with a high degree of specificity and that it has the ability to provide a range of coordinated responses which are appropriate to the metabolic needs of a particular behavioural pattern. In addition, it has become firmly established that the nervous system is capable of coupling cardiovascular changes with other autonomic and somatic activities to produce an integrated response. In the last decade it has become apparent that although the mode of operation of central cardiovascular regulation has been described in general terms, very little is known about the accurate anatomical localization of neuronal circuits and pathways and of impulse traffic corresponding to the changes in cardiovascular parameters that have been observed. This essay reviews recent information on discrete neuronal circuits and pathways and their mode of operation in electrophysiologic...Continue Reading


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