PMID: 38867Jun 1, 1979

Cerebrospinal fluid monoamine metabolites and cyclic nucleotides in chronic schizophrenic patients with tardive dyskinesia or drug-induced tremor

Biological Psychiatry
T NagaoS Otsuki


Lumbar CSF HVA, MHPG, 5HIAA, cAMP, and cGMP were measured in 12 chronic schizophrenics with tardive dyskinesia before and 3 weeks after sodium valproate (VPA) or cyproheptadine treatment. HVA levels significantly decreased and cAMP and cGMP levels significantly increased during the administration of VPA or cyproheptadine. There were no significant correlations between the degree of improvement in tardive dyskinesia and the changes of amine metabolities or cyclic nucleotides. None of the pretreatment values for CSF amine metabolites or cyclic nucleotides were different from those of 15 chronic schizophrenics without tardive dyskinesia as controls. Decrease of HVA and increase of cGMP during the treatment might indicate the normalization of dopaminergic-cholinergic imbalance in the brain. Furthermore, significantly low levels of 5HIAA were observed in the patients with drug-induced tremor. It is suggested that neuroleptic-induced tremor may be attributed to serotonergic dysfunction in the brain.

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