PMID: 7090880Jan 1, 1982Paper

Characteristics of adolescents treated at six different treatment settings

F Westendorp, K L Brink


The following study was designed to compare characteristics of adolescents receiving treatment at six different treatment settings. These settings included a state hospital, a long-term private hospital, a short-term private hospital, a group home, a school-based day program, and a community mental health outpatient unit. Instead of diagnosis or lengthy indepth interviews, psychological tests were utilized to evaluate personality, current adjustment, and academic achievement. Short questionnaires were utilized to obtain demographic data regarding family and patient variables. Data were collected within two weeks of admittance into the treatment programs. Tests included the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, the Peabody Individual Achievement Test, and the Children and Adolescent Profile. Using these measures, more similarities than differences were noted among the six groups. Implications for further research evaluating the measures utilized and admission policies are suggested.

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Dyssocial Behavior
Diagnosis, Psychiatric
Manic Disorder
Psychiatric Hospital
Schizophrenic Psychology
Socioeconomic Status

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