PMID: 658615Jul 1, 1978

Characteristics of human erythrocyte insulin receptors

K K GambhirC J Bradley


Highly specific insulin receptors have been identified on human erythrocytes. A modification of the monocyte insulin radioreceptor technique permitted distinct separation of human erythrocytes with their bound insulin from the free insulin. When incubated with 80 pg. per milliliter of 125I-insulin (pH 8.0, 3.5 hours, 15 degrees C.), erythrocytes from 17 normal volunteers specifically bound 10 per cent (+/- 1.450 S.D.) of the total 125I-insulin. Less than 15 per cent of the total 125I-insulin bound was nonspecific. Binding of 125I-insulin to human erythrocytes was dependent on pH and temperature. Less than 5 per cent of the insulin available to the plasma membrane was degraded. Both calcium and magnesium enhanced 125I-insulin binding by 100 per cent but had no synergistic effect when mixed in a 1:1 molar ratio. Scatchard analysis of the binding data resulted in a curvilinear plot with characteristics typical of negative cooperative interactions between receptor sites and with an unoccupied site affinity constant of 0.1 X 10(8) M-1. Human erythrocytes have 2,000 insulin binding sites per erythrocyte with 14 sites per square micrometer of surface area. The readily available human erythrocyte, thus, has both specific insulin bindin...Continue Reading


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