PMID: 41134Oct 1, 1979

Characteristics of the changes in the intra- and extracellular K+ and Na+ concentrations and the intra- and extracellular pH in the area of cardiac ishemia in experimental myocardial infarct complicated by ventricular fibrillation

V I Veksler


Localized ischemia of the heart complicated by ventricular fibrillation is characterized by a tendency to a higher rate of decrease in intra- and extracellular K+ gradient and intracellular pH in the myocardium as compared to cases without fibrillation. The higher rate of K+ escape from the ischemic cells may be linked with a sharper intracellular oxidation, evidence of which is the correlative dependence between the severity of disorders of K+ balance and decrease in intracellular pH in the myocardium in ischemia.

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