DOI: 10.1101/510578Jan 7, 2019Paper

Characterization of a vascular bundle localizing Gossypium hirsutum NAC4 transcription factor promoter for its role in environmental stress responses

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Trishla Shalibhadra VikasPB Kirti


We have studied the expression of GhNAC4 , a NAC domain-containing transcription factor from Gossypium hirsutum . The expression of GhNAC4 was upregulated by ABA, cytokinin, JA, GA, auxin, and ethylene. Its expression was also highly induced by drought, osmotic stress, oxidative stress, salinity, high and low-temperature stress, and wounding. To corroborate these observations, we isolated the promoter of GhNAC4 and fused it transcriptionally with uidA (GUS) gene for analyzing its patterns of expression in transgenic tobacco. The Promoter-GUS fusion was also induced by various phytohormones and environmental stresses. The spatio-temporal analysis of the promoter of the GhNAC4 gene revealed that GUS expression was mostly localized to the vascular bundles along with shoot apical meristem and guard cells. We also observed intense staining in other cells upon wounding. A sequence analysis of the promoter revealed the presence of several motifs pertaining to phytohormone responsiveness, stress-inducibility, light and sugar-responsiveness and tissue-specificity. These data were corroborated by a detailed bioinformatic analysis of the promoter sequence of GhNAC4 for identifying the conserved sequences that are associated with the expre...Continue Reading

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